Tiller Foundation Template Required Sheets

Good question, @njjensen. It depends a little bit on what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re not interested in running a Tiller budget, you could remove these sheets:

  • Insights
  • Monthly Budget
  • Yearly Budget
  • Balances
  • Help

Further, you could remove Accounts if you’re not leveraging sheets like Balances or Net Worth.
You could also remove Categories if you’re not interested in a master set of categories available in your Transactions sheet.

For the most part, you can re-add any of the sheets you delete with the Tiller Money Labs add-on. The add-on can figure out if any sheets you deleted are needed when installing new solutions… and it will add those too.


P.S. Another option would be to simply link a new blank Google Sheet using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on and start over with a minimal, blank slate.

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