Tiller Money Feeds does not return full description on some transactions

There were certain transactions from my investment accounts where the descriptions were being truncated: The following is an example
This was the description returned by a download to csv from the investment site
You Bought Closing Transaction PUT( AMZN) AMAZON Inc Mar 10 23 $90 100 Shs

This is what Tiller Money Feeds held for that same transaction
You Bought Closing Transaction Put

It appears that the add-on is parsing the text and truncating the description field when it sees special characters like a parenthesis

Is it possible your Transactions sheet has a column called “Full Description” (possibly hidden)? Does that column contain the unaltered value?

It does contain a “Full Description” column, but the data in that field is the same as in the “Description” column. A download of the same data from the institution (Fidelity in this case) shows the complete field.

Right now we’re unable to get more data than what you’re seeing. It’s possible our system is truncating due to the special character ( in the description.

We have logged this with our product team and hope to investigate and address in the future.

For greater context, our product team prioritizes bugs, issues, and requests based on the severity of the issue and how many customers are impacted or requesting this feature. To provide insight on expectations, issues like this may not be actioned for many months or at all if it’s not a widespread issue. That timeline is based on the team’s current existing log of issues and upcoming feature releases which is subject to change.

One other clue. The Description field is not truncated if the first parenthesis is followed by a lower case or numeric character “(a…” or “(1…”. If the character after the ‘(’ is a capital letter, it is truncated.

Thanks for the insight, @quser49. We will keep that detail in mind when we pick this up.

I have had this issue open since April 17 (6 months ago) with no resolution or activity on it. Has this been incorrectly “closed” as answered? It is still a problem I encounter almost daily and becoming time consuming to correct.

Sorry this issues is persisting, @quser49.

As @heather said, this sounds like a data quality issue related to a specific institution. We have significant work underway currently to improve our feeds. I’m hopeful that once this work is mature, it will provide new ways to resolve this issue.

We’ve got the issue logged as we write feeds-improvement stories.