Tiller Money Labs Roundup 2/2/21 - Savings Budget Improvements

@richl you make a very good point, I’ve been trying to figure out how the implementation of these different types could work and a lot of it does just come down to different time periods. That said, what to include in the overall metrics and how to display progress could conceivably be different as well for different types of savings categories.

@cculber2 The recurring spending goals is an interesting idea, right now I assume you do what I do, which is manually divide out how much needs to go into each category each month. but it would be nice to see progress and/or a due date for those.

I really like your different classifications. I’m a bit wary of adding a lot of different savings types, though, because it seems like a lot of customization for our use cases. I’m going to try to generalize the features that your different types would have. Lets say that we add one new type, “True Savings” for income not allocated to budget (as opposed to the current “Savings” type, which I’ll call Rollover for clarity), but also add optional features for all categories. The options could be: due date, period (for recurring goals) and a target amount. My implementation of your different types would then be:
Rollover → Rollover type, no due date, period, or target
True Savings → True Savings type, no due date or period, but possibly a target
Long-term one-time spending goals → True Savings or Rollover type, with a due date & target, but no period (non-recurring)
Recurring Spending goals → Rollover type, due date, target, and period

Grated, I haven’t really thought about how to build that into the template, and reading it back now I’m not sure I’ve actually simplified anything. And I’m pretty wary of making any changes this substantial. But I wanted to take a shot at a general rather than specific solution.

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This fits my situation perfectly as well!

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