Tiller Money Live: Community Webinar + Q&A - July 23: Using the Migration Helper

Learn how to use the Migration Helper in the Tiller Money Labs add-on to transition customized data from one Tiller Money-powered Google Sheet to another.

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What is the Migration Helper? The Migration Helper (in Tiller Money Labs) will help you migrate enriched personal-finance data—(e.g. categories, splits, manual balances, etc.) from an old “source” Tiller Money spreadsheet to a new “destination” Tiller Money spreadsheet.

When Do I Need Migration Helper?

  • Move from a Feedbot to a Tiller Money Feeds spreadsheet
  • Start over in a new clean spreadsheet without losing history
  • Merged enriched account data into another spreadsheet

What Does Migration Helper Migrate?

  • Transaction categories
  • Transactions-sheet columns
  • Transactions splits
  • Manual transactions
  • Non-feeds transactions (e.g. Import CSV)
  • Manual balances entries
  • AutoCat rules
  • New Categories