Tiller Money Live: Community Webinar + Q&A - July 9: How to track cash using Tiller Money Labs

In this Community Webinar we covered a few options for tracking cash using Tiller Money Feeds and Tiller Money Labs.

Video Replay


How to track cash
Tracking cash transactions with automated balance updating
Adding manual transactions with Labs
Tracking Balances for Manual Accounts
Mobile Cash Tracking with a Google Form


Can you start with say under the mattress cash (an initial cash balance) , that may have occurred before an ATM transaction has been posted to Tiller transaction sheet?
Yes, if you’re tracking the balance in the Balances sheet using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on manual balance option you add the balance of the cash there with whatever date you like. If you’re using the automated balance for cash based on Transactions you may also want to enter a transaction for the starting balance.

I have transactions in two currencies - USD and Mexican pesos. My Mexican transactions are all in cash or from accounts not supported by Tiller. I’m fine tracking balances etc. in USD; I’ve been manually inputting USD values based on either the transaction-date exchange rates or (when possible) the exchange rate from whenever I turned dollars into pesos. Wondering if you have ideas for how to make that process a little less manual?
We’re primarily focused on USD right now so we don’t have great specifics on how to handle multiple currencies. The best thread going right now is here: Currency conversion while adding Indian bank accounts and loan accounts