Tiller Money Live: Community Webinar + Q&A - June 25: Manually adding and reconciling transactions

In case you missed it, watch the recap of the June 25th Community Webinar:

Here’s a recap of the Q&A as well

If each month you have a standard set of manual transactions with the same description, vendor, etc… is there anyway to streamline the entry so you don’t have to input each one individually each month?
Yes, the best way is to create a Recurring Transactions sheet and stage them there then just paste into the Transactions sheet so you don’t have to do each one over and over. Here is the example sheet we demoed. Feel free to make a copy of this to use in your own sheet. Just remember to use Paste Special > Values only when copying from the Recurring Transactions sheet to the Transactions sheet.

I use “split transaction” for my monthly paychecks, where I include tax withholdings, HSA deposits, etc. If I enter this manually, would it be able to reconcile with the single deposit transaction that shows up from the bank?
You could use the same “Recurring Transactions sheet” above.

If you wanted to load in a number of repetitive monthly manual expenses (that you are not going to need to reconcile against anything)…can you do so for the rest of the year now and be done with it. Will that cause any reporting issues?
It wouldn’t cause any issues with the feed or in the sheet.

Transactions are for actual deposits or withdrawals. When credit card statement arrives, it shows a date 3 or 4 weeks in the future when a withdrawal will occur. I’m wondering if manual transaction would show that future liability?
Yes, you could add the statement balance transaction to be paid manually to the sheet to show that future liability.

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@randy @heather

Thank you for the demo of Recurring Transactions. This is going to save me a lot of time each month. We have most of our bills set up as automatic payment and I use Manual Transactions a lot to monitor cash balances to avoid surprises.

I appreciate having the webinars available to view after the fact and the detailed Q&A too.

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Thanks so much for your kind note, @martha.rudkin.
It’s wonderful to hear that the webinars are helping you achieve your goals and avoid surprises.

Randy :smiley: