Tiller Money Live: Community webinar + Q&A

About this webinar

Every other week @randy and @heather will be hosting a community webinar to demo one Tiller Labs tool, solution, or workflow and offer “office hours” where you can ask your questions about other Labs features and solutions.

If you need help with basic set up join our Weekly Foundations Webinar.

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The demos will be quick so we’ll have plenty of time for Q&A. Please keep in mind that we will likely defer more complex questions or demos for future webinar sessions.

Upcoming Topics

June 4 at 10AM PST: Tiller Budget (via Tiller add-on) for envelope/zero sum budgeting
June 18 & beyond: TBD - tell us what you want to see here.

Past Topics

Transaction Splitter from Tiller Labs

May 7 at 10AM PST
Recording here
Learn how to split transactions among multiple categories.

Category & Budget Rollup Reports

May 21 at 10AM PST
Recording here
Drill down to better understand where your money is going in specific categories and which transactions caused overages in your budget.


May 7, 2020 - Transaction Splitter Demo

Do you intend to make the envelope budget sheet compatible with the main sheets?
We don’t currently have a roadmap to make the envelope budgeting features compatible with the Foundation template.

Love the tool. I’ve noticed it uses same transaction ID for each new split - will that cause any problems later (multiple transaction rows with the same transaction ID)
There are no known issues with the splits using the same transaction ID.

Do I need to click on the Description column for the row I want to split or can I click on any column in the row?
You can select any cell in the row for the transaction you want to split.

Heather and Randy, What are your favorite solutions?
Randy: The Weekly Analysis sheet from Tiller Labs.
Heather: The Monthly Analysis sheet from Tiller Labs.

can you use the splitter for investments?
Yes, you can use it for any type of transaction, but the workflow might be a bit different.

Automatic way to split/enter paycheck deductions like 401k, health insurance, etc?
There isn’t an automated way to do this with the splitter or other add-on/tool. You could use the manual transaction add tool in Tiller Labs to add them one by one or you could stage them in a separate sheet and add multiple rows each month. More in the community on that here

May 21 Category & Budget Rollup Reports
Please go ahead and show us some of the customization you mentioned.
The Category and Budget rollup reports both have a hidden report template tab that you can customize in certain spots to add a custom name, logo, or other formatting. Watch the recording here for a demo.

Sorry. A basic question- My budget screen does not show TILLER LABS. Does this mean that I haven’t added the add-ons?
You will need to install the Tiller Labs add-on via the Gsuite Marketplace. It’s a separate add-on from the one that feeds data to your sheet. More on that here.

when doing manual additions to the transactions worksheets, which of the columns are optional versus required; i.e. Categorized Date/ Date added & Month/Week…do you need to calculate these and add?
The answer to this question really depends on the report or dashboard you’re looking at after you add the Transaction, but in general only the date, description, category, and amount columns are required. Categorized Date is automatically updated by AutoCat as a way to indicate when AutoCat did it’s job. Month and Week are helpful for your own custom reports although there is a bug with the Monthly Budget sheet in the Foundation template right now where if you add a transaction to row 2 and do not include the Month data, the transaction won’t be calculated into the Monthly Budget dashboard. We’ll get this fixed soon.

You can manually add month data using this help guide and week data using this help guide.

In the example, you have a column called Notes. Where was that column added ? In the Transactions tab. My Transactions sheet does not have the notes column. I’m I okay to add it without breaking anything?
You can add it to your Transactions sheet (click the column header and insert 1 right or left and title it Note - singular - and it will work in the reports demoed in this session.

Can you create graphs to show % by category of spending per month
We recommended that this question be posted in the Tiller Money Community to get some information there more quickly or we may choose to do a demo of how to create this for yourself in a future session.

I remember a comment about implementing automated credit score data in the past. Are there current plans to add score monitoring to tiller? Thank you
We don’t have anything on our short term road map for included automated credit score data.

i want to see how my spending this month compares to all the previous months on a running basis - by category. any way to do this already or is it something i need to create
Check out the Monthly Analysis sheet.

Hi, I know this is a basic question, but I’m having difficulty getting one of my accounts to sync. What options are there for getting sync issues resolved with lesser-known banks?
Reach out to our support team via the chat tool on our help center or the Console at https://sheets.tillerhq.com/auth/google and go through the bot flow to give them the right information to get started with the troubleshooting.

Can you clarify the best way to account for contributions to saving accounts (529s, ROTH IRAs)? I have my accounts connected to tiller and also budget for them. However, the problem is I categorize them as a “Transfer” which means it doesn’t count as an actual.
Recommend searching the community for the answer on that. Here’s a little bit that’s already out there on this question.

Is it okay to manually change the description column on a transaction from the automatic feed?
It’s totally okay to clean up and edit descriptions for transactions and this won’t affect the feed. The edit is only being made in the current sheet you’re using and won’t appear in future sheets.