Tiller Quick Insights Tab Error

My Insights tab shows no assets and liabilities (this is at the top of the sheet right above the Transaction Analyzer).

Cell R4 has an error message which says…Function indirect parameter 1 value is "Accounts’!F$1:$1’. It is not a valid cell/range reference.

What needs to be done to fix this?



Can you share the formula in R4?
Mine is:
=QUERY(indirect("Accounts!$"&P29&"$2:$"&P40&"$101"),"SELECT "&P30&", "&P31&", "&P38&", "&P33&" WHERE "&P40&" <> 'Hide'",-1)

Hi @Blake,

I think you just need to restore the Insights sheet using Tiller Labs add-on. If you previously restored/updated the Accounts sheet then you’d need to restore all downstream sheets after that so that the formulas get back in sync.


Sorry, @blake. The restore process with cascading downstream dependencies isn’t well supported by Google’s API. We are trying to find solutions to make this more seamless… but, for now, as @heather notes, the best solution is just to restore the downstream templates after updating anything upstream (like Accounts).


Boy, you guys are good. Worked like a charm. Thanks, Blake

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