Tiller + YNAB Integration


I am a YNAB user who just downloaded Tiller for the purposes of additional reporting. I love the reports and annual budget spreadsheets within Tiller.

I do not love that Tiller does not have an app and/or an easy way to categorize transactions on the go and easily View my budget (I’ve checked out glide and many of the community built apps, but none are true apps with notifications and the UX for these are not that great)

One thought that I had was for me to continue using YNAB for viewing my monthly budget and categorizing my transactions, but use Tiller for more in depth reporting.

The only way for me to do this today is for me to export my YNAB register CVS. file, delete all transactions from Tiller, and then upload the updated YNAB file to my Tiller Transactions page.

It’s not a terrible workaround, but I wanted to know if someone in the community knew of a way to automatically push my YNAB transactions to Tiller? I want to use YNAB for transaction import as opposed to the normal Tiller transaction import.

YNAB has an open API and many people have built similar apps for other platforms, I just didn’t know if anything like this has been built for Tiller as of yet. (If not, it would be an absolute game changer for many users who use mobile today)

Any feedback is welcomed!

@randy @heather Any thoughts on this?

Glad to hear you are appreciating Tiller’s reports and budget templates, @terrance.

If your goal is to automatically push your transactions into your Tiller spreadsheet, we’ve got just the thing for you:wink:

I understand the desire not to categorize your finances in two places, but you may find during your trial that the flexibility, horsepower and control offered by having your finances in a spreadsheet is more compelling than the convenience of app-based finances.

Welcome @terrance :wave: !

Glad you’re enjoying Tiller for the more in depth reporting aspects and I totally hear you on missing the ability to check in on things from your phone.

One of the biggest benefits of Tiller is that it automates the data entry into a spreadsheet. AutoCat can help you categorize transactions automatically too. I wondering if just using AutoCat to automate the transaction categorization in Tiller would work well so you’re not categorizing in two places all the time?

We don’t have a direct connection to import your data from YNAB automatically. The community built and supported CSV import tool can take a transaction export CSV from YNAB and import it into your Tiller Transactions sheet. Since it’s a community built is more of an experimental workflow and not anything officially offered by Tiller.