Timeframe Actuals vs Budget Tracker; ability to exclude Groups and/or Categories


I wanted a way to track the detailed income and expenses actuals vs budget totals for any timeframe I choose. I also wanted to be able to exclude certain Groups or Categories to see how things change without those items.

This would be a pretty standard budget sheet except for the ability to exclude Groups and/or Categories. couldn’t find a solution that allowed me to do that.

I like to be able to see my income, expenses, and cash flow without certain Group or Categories. For example, when our A/C unexpectedly went out; I had a large expense to replace it that was not budgeted. I wanted a way to see my income and expenses vs my budget without this category.

Other examples are…

  • What would my expenses look like without my kid’s college expenses (I am getting close!)?
  • What would my income look like without rental income?
  • What would my expenses and cash flow look like without the medical expenses that were inflated last year?


Simply copy the sheet into your main Tiller spreadsheet. It uses the standard Transactions, Accounts, and Categories foundation sheets. You can download it from here.


To get it up and running, you only need to choose the timeframe you want to see…

The earliest timeframe is determined by how far your Budget goes back on the Categories sheet.

If you want to exclude Groups or Categories, you need to ungroup the hidden columns to the right. In columns N-R pick the Categories and/or Groups you want to exclude by choosing the name in the drop down and checking the checkbox next to the name. You are limited to 5 Groups and 5 Categories.


Choose the timeframe you want to see.


It is encouraged for others to copy, use, and modify your workflow.


I frequently use this sheet to see how I’m doing vs my budget. I mostly use Current Month timeframe, but like the option to see Year-to-Date and other available timeframes.

I used someone else’s template as my starting point and modified it. I apologize, but I made this sheet a few years ago, so I can’t remember who’s work I started with so I can give them credit. I find it very useful so I wanted to share.

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for

You’re welcome. Let me know how you like it.

Hi @Cowboy13 ,

Thank you for sharing this worksheet. I just installed it today and am already finding it particularly useful.

I noticed that in column AR there is a reference to Super Category. For me this gives #NUM! error. I am curious as to what the Super Category reference is related to and how that could or should be used.

Best regards,


You can ignore Super Category. When I created this sheet, I was experimenting with a a Super Category which was another way to group categories (in addition to Category Groups and Tags). I abandoned this idea but never got rid of the reference.

Thank you for the follow-up.