Timestamp removed from Last Refresh on Tiller Console Account Summary


This morning when I logged into the Tiller Console to see when my accounts had last refreshed, instead of seeing an actual date/time, I am seeing “a day ago”, “14 hours ago”, “10 hours ago”, etc.

My preference is to see the actual date/time the account last refreshed. Refreshes after 12:00am on the current day let me know that I have all the overnight updating from my banks. It is an easier visual than looking for accounts that refreshed more than " X hours" ago.

I came to the Tiller Community looking for some kind of “announcement” about this change and found nothing. I wasn’t sure whether to add to the May 2020 updates thread or start a new one since it is no longer May. It would be helpful to see announcements from the Tiller Team when there are changes to the Console and let us know why the changes are being made - like you have done previously.

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@martha.rudkin, if you hover over the elapsed time, you’ll get the date/timestamp :slight_smile:

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Good call on the announcement, I just posted it here. I’ll try to be more diligent/timely about those and am glad they’re helpful.

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