Timing of items in Tiller Daily Update emails

It is my experience that the day on which an item appears in a Daily Update email does not necessarily coincide with the date on which it will be feed into my Transaction sheet nor the “Date” listed for it in the Transactions sheet. Is this what other people find or am I missing something?


Yes, you are right. It is not that simple. Maybe @jonorlin could offer a brief explanation.

See here for a prior conversation that might help explain…



Hi @edmwelch and @Blake,
I have experienced this too. Usually, it is just a day or two difference.

My wheelhouse is more the formulas and sheets and not on the backend infrastructure that generates the daily emails. But I will ask around and see if I can get someone to help.

Hi @edmwelch,

The updates in the daily email are dependent on data being in our database. If for some reason your account cannot refresh (due to 2FA, an outage, or other errors) we won’t be able to pull data into our database so you wouldn’t see those transactions/balance updates in the daily email.

If the refreshes are happening automatically without needing your intervention on the Tiller Console the daily email will include your latest available data and the dates usually correspond to the date we “created” the transaction or balance in our database vs the actual transaction or even posted date. If the posted date is available from your institution that’s the date we’d use, I think.

If the data shows in your daily email, but not your Transactions sheet, it’s likely that the fill hasn’t happened because of a timing issue if it’s a Feedbot sheet or because you haven’t clicked “update sheets” or turned on the Auto Update feature in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on, if that’s the mechanism feeding your sheet and not the Feedbot. The Tiller Console indicates whether your sheet is a Feedbot or Feeds add-on powered sheet.

The date/time information for Transactions/Balance is usually UTC though there are some caveats to that in that I thinksome of our systems calculate date/time in Pacific Time.

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Thanks for the info. This is not critical for me but it is nice to know how it works.

Talked to a friend this afternoon, He wants me to help him get started with Tiller.