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:Spoiler Alert #2 – I’m still a rooky with Tiller

Thanks to DMETILLER for solving my PayPal issue. Much appreciated. I was able to create the Pay-Pal account link and trans are flowing. THANKS! Now for my next challenge.

I’ve created 4 income and 8 expense categories on the Category tab. Those categories are used to populate a transactions either by using a drop-down (which
do reflect choices of my 12 defined categories) or by an AutoCat rule.

So far, so good. But on that Categories tab there are columns labeled Jan 2024 thru Dec 2024 (columns E-P). All the current monthly totals by category are just showing “0” amounts. That is, this tab’s columns E-P are s NOT calculating totals of the various categories by month.

I don’t see any validation rules or formulas which would seeminly calculate Columns E-P by category. I suspect that Validation Rules or Formulas should create totals for each category by month. Currently there are NO validation rules (OK, mea culpa. I just may have deleted all validation rules on this tab.) But whatever, no totals are calculated.

What would be the validation rules or formulas to use to populate those 12 column of info by each category?

P.S. I really want to add a column for YTD. I could do that by adding a column Q (YTD) and use a formula =sum(E-P) to sum the values across E-P for each category row But, first things first. How to create monthly totals by category, by month on the Categories tab?

Hi, again. The monthly cells in the Categories sheets are budgets, not actuals. They’ll remain zero until you fill them in. One tip on this: if you fill in the first month, Jan 2024, all the subsequent cells in that row will fill in with the same budget. You can always adjust later months if you need to, but this speeds things up if you know something has the same budget every month. Once you have budgets in the Categories sheet and you start assigning transactions to categories, then you can start comparing your budget to your actual expenses using either the Monthly Budget or Savings Budget sheet.

There is a Yearly Budget sheet that will show you the YTD that you are looking for. There is also a Year to Date Comparison sheet that you might find useful. Also a Yearly Insights sheet. You can find these in the Tiller Community Solutions area (I think the Yearly Budget may be part of the original Google Sheets dataset).

Martha, thanks so much. Sounds like exactly what I’m looking for.

I wasn’t aware of the "Tiller Community Solutions area " but will expliore now. Thanks for tutoring this newbie. So far this Community has been awsome.

I’ll report back

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Took this rookie a bit to find and add the Tiller Community Add-On, but got it installed. Then found and created the "Category Rollup Report" which gave me what I needed.

As well as finding some other Community developed goodies.
Thanks again, Martha

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