Track Cashback or Points for each transaction

If I add a column for amount of cash back earned, or points earned for each transaction, what’s the best way to view a summary of that information, say by month, year, card, etc.?
Anyone set this up?

Thanks in advance.

I would check out as you might find it interesting and useful.

I track my cash back rewards in Tiller only when it gets converted into cash and arrives into one of my accounts. I have a income category called Credit Card Rewards.

I digress - My main credit card is Fidelity’s VISA which gets me 2% cash back on all purchases. Last month, I used this card to pay $15,000 of one-time expenses of my mother’s (for which she reimbursed me) and earned myself $300 of rewards cash. Otherwise, my mother would have paid with a check. Did I mention that it is tax free.

My thought is if you track it by transaction then you might be engaging in what I call “death by inches”.

However, there are many very smart and creative people in this community and they may have ideas more specifically suited to your request.

Good luck.

Death by inches, I seem to engage in that often. Sigh. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi @dallison13

If you were intending to create a column on a per account basis (vs a per transaction basis) you could do it in the Accounts sheet by adding a column to the left of (hidden) column E. Then you can just manually update the rewards points there each time it changes. Beyond that, you could just create a new sheet and manually track entries on when it changes (if you’re wanting a historical view).

Hi @dallison13,
I agree with Blake’s Death by inches comment.
But if your heart was set on doing this by transaction, you could do something like this.

I’ll assume for simplicity sake that your rewards are all for the same percentage per transaction. For example, 2%. If they are all different per card or by category purchased, it gets more complex of course.

Add a column to your Transactions sheet and put this formula in the top cell:
={"Rewards";ARRAYFORMULA(IF(H2:H="My Credit Card",ROUND(I2:I*-0.02),IFERROR(1/0)))}

This assumes your Account name is in Column H and you get points in an Account named My Credit Card. Also, your Amounts are in Column I and you get 2% rewards for transactions in that account. Adjust the formula to fit your situation.

Since credit card transactions are negative, I added - (minus) ahead of the 0.02 percent rate to make the points positive. I also rounded up the points, as I doubt you get fractional points per transaction.

You could then use these values in a separate sheet to sum them or do what you want.

If you have multiple credit cards, you just need to add some IF statements to the formula for each account.

Would that do what you are looking for?