Track the Value of Your Vehicle with a vinAudit Script

Based on the [Track the value of your home via a Zillow script example I created a Google script that will track the value of a car using the VIN number and vinAudit.

vinAudit (Simple) Automation

The tiller-vinaudit-simple script is a simple Google Apps Script to scrape vinAudit estimates of a car values and insert them into the Balance History sheet of Tiller-enabled spreadsheets. This workflow is especially useful for tracking net worth.

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This simple script is designed for intermediate users and includes only lightweight error checking. We hope it meets your needs out of the box, but further tweaks may be required to get it working in your environment. We offer no warranties or support for this solution.

Setting Up Your Project

To configure your project, implement the following steps in Google Sheets:

  1. Find your vehicle’s VIN #.
  2. Open the Tiller Google-Sheets spreadsheet you’d like to add your vehicle’s value to.
  3. Click on Tools -> Script editor to open the spreadsheet’s bound scripts.
  4. Copy the contents of vinaudit.js from this repo into the Google Sheets script editor.
  5. Set the vins variable (at the start of the code) equal to your vins.
  6. Save the script file and name it carEstimator .
  7. Click on the Select Function dropdown in the control bar and select the vinAuditInsert function.
  8. Click the run/play button.
  9. Select Review Permissions and select the google accounts associated with your Tiller Account.
  10. You’ll get a warning saying “This app isn’t verified”. Select Advanced and Go to carEstimator (unsafe) .
  11. Select Allow.

If you’ve completed all the steps successfully, you should have a new entry in your Balance History reflecting the viAudit estimate of the vehicle.

Run Monthly

  1. In the script editor select Edit > Current Project's Triggers .
  2. Select event source = Time-driven.
  3. Select your desired options.

Taking This Solution Further…

Consider adding:

  • An onOpen() function to create a menu item to execute an update
  • Triggers to automate script execution

I love that you were able to get some mileage out of that simple zillow script, @kevinmclaughlin!
Thanks for sharing this new workflow. It is a great addition to Tiller Money.



This is very cool. Great addition to my net worth dashboard!