Tracking cash purchases

What’s a good way to track cash expenditures? We live in Mexico and there is no ApplePay here. It’s a cash-based economy, so we have a lot of ATM withdrawals and currently no way to show the details of where the money went.

Any one use a mobile app to log all cash expenses as they occur? Open to suggestions…

If you’re already using tiller, there’s no reason to pay for another utility. but either way you’ll need to manually code it in. best way might be to have tiller link to your bank account so it sees the cash withdraws. and then you use the split tool to manually enter each cash transaction. does google docs doesn’t work with tiller well on mobile?

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I was hoping for something easier than editing Google Sheets on my phone, especially for my wife. I really just need something to quickly tap in a number and description, especially for all the purchases that don’t produce receipts.

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Here are our best resources on tracking cash. There are a few methods and some tools. The webinar featured in this topic is referencing some tools that used to be in Tiller Community Solutions that are now in Tiller Money Feeds (manually adding / splitting transactions)