Tracking Manual Assets with Dynamic Values

I would like to track the value of an asset I own. The value of this asset changes throughout the day. I’m able to see an accurate depiction of how much it is worth in a custom sheet, but I’m unable to see what it is worth in the balance or insights sheet. Is there a way to update a manual entry from a cell value?

UPDATE: It seems that you can call a cell to update the balance similar to any other formula. For example:


To clarify, I would like for this account to use the static variable in Custom!A1 to update the balance amount. Additionally, this value updates once every 5 minutes.


It seems that the manual accounts will automatically update from a cell value as in the above example! Also, I closed the window and reopened it. Still seems to work. Will update if it breaks for whatever reason.

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Thanks for sharing @defarm!

As of August 2020, this still works!

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