Tracking Medical expenses and insurance deductibles

Has anybody here created a spreadsheet that can be used to track expenses, remaining deductibles, out of pocket max and HSA?
I have a high deductible family plan (4 people, 4 individual deductibles and out of pocket amounts)
I am trying to track each family member’s deductible, out of pocket max, total family deductible, total family out of pocket max and HSA balance/ledger. Our expenses tend to out pace our ability to keep our HSA funded so I would like to track partial payments and individual bill balances. Ideally it would integrate into Tiller but I’d settle for any spreadsheet that could simplify any of the above. Compared to some of the content I’ve seen created by this community, my sheets skills are rudimentary at best.
Any help or direction is appreciated


I’d first check to see if your HSA can feed into Tiller. PayFlex does, (although it’s down now). Then, besides marking each transaction, you can also use Tags to break it down by family member. Then all you would need to do is view HSA transactions and group by Tags.
Just spitballing.

Thank you for the response!

I second tags and using the tags report but you could add a column and make it family member and then use the tags as well for hsa transactions, then you could do pivot tables using the family member as the grouping factor. Just if you need more tracking ability.

You could probably do this with tags as long as one tag per transaction using the tags for each family member as the field, and not have to fool woth another column, but just throwing out ideas.

thank you for the input!

Let us know how you decide to move forward, @thecrowleycrew.

I have an old one I made years ago, this might help you get started (it’s not integrated into Tiller): Medical Expense Spreadsheet.

I think it’s a great idea for someone to create one that is integrated into the Tiller categories since most of us have high deductible plans these days!

Thanks Kathryn! My HSA doesn’t integrate into Tiller so I am tracking manually. This is just what I
was looking for! I added a few columns to track payment dates and partial payments.

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Perfect, glad it was useful!

Thank you. Just what I was looking for!