Tracking non-monthly expenses

Does anyone have a simple method of tracking expenses that are regular but not monthly? I am new to Tiller and trying to use it to get a snapshot of my monthly expenses, but I have a handful of big expenses that are not paid monthly (e.g., property taxes and car insurance). So what I would like is for those expenses to be represented as if they are paid monthly – in a prorated manner, obviously, so that for example my February expenses reflect an amount for 1/12 of my annual property tax bill even if I didn’t actually pay any property tax in February.

The only thing I can think of is to manually enter those expenses on a monthly basis, and then in the months they are actually paid I would manually delete (or categorize as a transfer) so that there’s not a redundant expense.

Sorry if this has been asked and answered – I’ve found some discussion around this point but it seems to be geared towards people trying to budget for those expenses, rather than track them.

This is a perennial issue with any budgeting system. Personally, I’ve settled into using the Savings Budget sheet for this. On that sheet, I have a savings category and a spending category for my kid’s school tuition, which is one of those large expenses that I pay annually. I budget money into the tuition savings account every month, and in the month that I have to pay the bill, I move the savings from the savings category to the spending category for the tuition. I’m happy with this system, in part because it doesn’t require me to create awkward, artificial manual transactions.

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It’s kind of two sides of the same coin; if you’re not an account welcome to accrual accounting. IE you’re taking the end bill, say prop tax and you amortize that over the period that it represents.
dmetiller represented a viable option
if you don’t mind waiting or the bill is a prepaid you could take the “split transactions” tool and split into the appropriate number that way it’s in the same format. if you have a lot of those you could also do a CVS upload; i do that as i have a lot that I want bi monthly


There is a Budget Plan - Google Sheets worksheet that can do that for you. The worksheet feeds into the budget so you can set monthly/weekly/quarterly, etc.

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