Tracking remaining budget per pay period

I have recently started with the foundations template and while I really love it, one thing that is missing for me is being able to see how much of my budget I have left per pay period (1st-14th, 15th-31st). The monthly view is great but I had been tracking expenses/budget per pay period prior to making the switch to Tiller, as I like how it gives me a very granular look at exactly how much I am spending. Currently the only similar options I have found is tracking weekly or biweekly, but neither of those translate well to my pay periods.

Does anyone have any tips for me to be able to see my spending per time period? Perhaps a way I can customize the view dates each month so it lines up with my pay periods?

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I’ve made my own “solution” for this that I’m working to provide to everyone.

In a nutshell, I’m tracking income/expenses, and current cash during that 2 week period.

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Hi @brisabyford- Here is a suggestion to consider.

Have you tried just entering your first monthly paycheck and the budget you want to track against in the monthly column on the Category sheet (say MAR22)? Doing so would allow you to track your expenses against the 1st-14th paycheck in near real time as Transactions come into Tiller.

On the 15th, you would go into the same month and update your budget for the full monthly paychecks and budget items. Doing this would allow for tracking of budgeted items during the 1st and 2nd pay period. It would take some effort to maintain the workflow but from my trial of this approach it works from what I can see.

Perhaps I am not understanding your situation and questions fully. However, if I needed to track a bi-monthly budget in Tiller, I am fairly certain I could do so in the current month by implementing what I describe above. Next month, do the same, and so on.

Hope this helps in some way.

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I’ve posted my solution to this here: Using Tiller to get out of debt with lots of custom "solutions"