Tracking 'Rewards' in Amazon Prime card

HI, Amazon Prime Visa automatically allows you to use your reward dollars against a purchase. Any suggestions on how to track the rewards so that transaction amount(s) actually reflect the true cost of what you paid? For example: Amazon invoice $59.35, rewards amount 44.22, net credit card charge $16.13 but I actually spent $59.35 on clothing. Thanks for any ideas the community may have.

Split the transaction into two pieces. Clothing expense = 59.35. Rewards Income = (44.22).

I would suggest not using points on purchases at all. When you do that you don’t earn points on that part of the purchase. In your example, you’d earn 81 points instead of 297. That adds up over time.

Instead, I use points to get cashback into my account. Doing it this way would also solve your question as the actual cost of the purchase would be reflected.