Tracking Transactions Related to Savings Goals

I have a saving account which uses a concept called vaults which isn’t a different account and just a way to earmark funds within an account. In tiller when I move money into the vault it shows up as a deduction from my savings account, but without an addition to the vault. Im curious how others track transactions for savings goals. Do you just show it as a transfer and so it nets out, do you just show one side of the transfer? The other thing that I am struggling with is this only shows up as a deduction so if I track it as savings it shows up as negative.

Welcome any thoughts on how to handle this.

Tiller doesn’t currently have support for SoFi Vaults or Ally Buckets. It came up in a thread about a month or so ago. I suspect it has to do with how they are processed by Yodlee, Tiller’s data aggregator. If you wanted to us them in Tiller, I suspect you’d have to set up manual accounts and do lots of manual transactions. Personally, I use the Savings Budget sheet in Tiller to achieve a similar purpose, but I’ve also never been drawn personally to the Buckets concept at Ally.

Thanks. Yeah, I am not sure what to think of the vault stuff. Do you mind walking me through how you use the savings budget sheet to do this?

I think the best intro to how to do it is Tiller’s YouTube video on the Savings Budget. It walks you through how to set up savings goals to which you can allocate money. If you still have questions after you watch that, I’d be happy to help.