Transaction Comparison - Google Sheets

Yeah, I noticed the dates, and also the total amounts as well (due to adding columns). One other thing I did was add an option for all dates, using min/max of transactions dates and putting that into the date filter fields.

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I like it. Added to the template.

I’m not sure what I’m missing, but how do I actually set a custom date range? I can select “custom” from the dropdown, but then what? Seems to default to December 30, 1899 - December 30, 1899, and I don’t see a way to change that?

Woops, you found a bug! Somehow the date input fields got lost in the process. I just added them to the template. You can either copy the sheet from the template linked in the first post in this thread, or wait until the change is approved in the Community Solutions extension, so you can do a Restore to update the sheet. Once updated, when you choose ‘Custom’, date fields will appear below the other options in the center column.

Hi @jpfieber ,

Great comparison tool.

I am running into an issue where it looks like the filter is expecting there to be a Group column on the Transactions sheet, however, mine does not have a group column.

How can I make it work to allow for Group filtering?



You can easily add one, here’s a posting that explains how.

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Thank you for that. I have added it and it works beautifully.

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I don’t see the link for Google Sheets (other than for Excel). Sorry, a bit of a noob but looking for the link name or triangle and missing it…

Sorry, I found it in the extensions. I am looking to compare all categories YoY simultaneously, eg Group = Discretionary Expenses, Categories include Dining, Travel, Entertainment. I don’t nec want to see the individual transactions, simply to compare my year on year discipline per category. Do you know a way to accomplish that? Currently doing it manually, eg by 2020 2021 (and then copying and pasting the values) and then automating for 2022. It’s very useful to see trends, eg as kids grow up Child Care goes down but our Travel increases.