Transaction Description download Blank

I just launched Tiller Money feeds and then selected fill accounts. My transactions from 1/20/23 forward have banks in the description field (column C). The heading also shows “city”. What happened? Thank in advance for your time.

Hi @phyllispil57 - it sounds like you might have overwritten the Description header in row 1 with the word “City” so now the Description data can’t fill.

The best option if you’re using Google Sheets is to revert to a prior version where the Description header was still in there and then fill from that point forward (it will re-fill anything that had been filled in since that version).

If you’re using Excel you could clear the messed up rows, create a new/separate spreadsheet, link those accounts to it, fill it with their data, then just copy/paste the data from the new sheet into the original sheet. Or if your sheet is stored on OneDrive you may also be able to revert to a previous version.