Transaction pinned or stuck at top

There is one transaction that is perpetually “pinned” to the top of the transaction sheet. The date is 9/10/2021. I have manually deleted it and copied where it belongs with the other transactions from September. It is not duplicated. Each time I refresh my data feed, it reappears at the top in row 2. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?

If you click into the Date column (should be column B), go to the Data menu and choose ‘Sort sheet by column B, Z–> A’, does it sort properly with the rest of the transactions? If not, I would think something is wrong with the date, so Sheets is interpreting it to be ‘newer’ than the rest of the transactions. I’d make sure column B is formatted as ‘Format/Number/Date’ in the format you prefer (I use the 9/26/2008 format).

Thanks. Sorted, it still stays at the top. Format is as you state.

Is row 3 blank by chance (or different in some way that would make Sheets think it’s not part of the list)? That would prevent row 2 from being included in sorts of the data lower down.

Is it possible you have data filtering turned on (Data → Filter views)? I’ve accidentally left this turned on in the past, and it can lead to some odd sorting and “pinning” behavior as new transactions are added.

I have the same exact problem. I have tried all the solutions suggested in the thread but to no avail.

I’ve seen this when the date format for a transaction gets mangled due to changing the spreadsheet’s locale settings to something other than United States. That is the supported locale as we are based and only officially registered in the US.

Double check under File > Spreadsheet settings > Locale and see what it’s set to. If it’s not US change it back and then re-apply the format for the date column to be Date MM/DD/YYYY