Transaction Table Structure in Latest Tiller-Foundation-Template for Excel Changed?

I noticed that two columns for Transaction ID and Account ID are missing. We are not aware of the structure change. I feel they are not needed for us to use. Correct?

Some of us may want to customize our Transaction table to add some unique columns for our own special use.

Those two columns area actually there, they are hidden. If you select columns I and L, then right-click and choose “unhide” they will be revealed. Note that you can add your own columns, but because it’s a Table you can’t use an array formula to fill them.

Oh, the columns are hidden. Won’t it hurt if I delete the columns from my existing Transaction table? Will it affect other worksheets or Tiller Money Feeds?

I wouldn’t delete them, not sure what other features might rely on them. Just keeping them hidden keeps them out of sight but still allows them to do whatever they’re meant to do.

Ok thank you for the info.