Transaction Tracker template question

I am having a problem with the Transaction Tracker template from Tiller Community Solutions. Under Category, the category list does not drop down. Instead #N/A appears. Can you tell me what I can do about that?

Try adding the Group column to your Transactions sheet.
Insert column after Account # column and put this equation in that column’s row 1 cell:

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That successfully added the Group column to the Transactions sheet but still have the same problem in Transaction Tracker.

Unhide the columns past column I.
What does the S12-V columns section look like?
Any categories listed under the Categories section (cell V28 and below)?

This has happened to me when I try to empty the cell using something other than backspace or delete. I actually used to have to reinstall the sheet often because I’d use the space bar or some other shortcut to empty one of the cells.

I finally read in the original thread on the Tracker, that you should ONLY use ‘backspace’/‘delete’ to clear the current choice out of one of those cells.

This might not be your issue but it trapped me for the longest time so I offer :slight_smile:

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Thank you. That helped me fix it.

Thank you very much. That was probably the source of my trouble.

I was able to fix the Transaction Tracker. However the Live Profit & Loss, Monthly Analysis, Spending Trends, Waterfall, Monthly Budget, and Yearly Budget sheets all appear to be corrupted. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you.

I’d suggest posting a new topic and give more detail on what you’re seeing. Maybe pick one popular report like Spending Trends or Monthly Budget, and hopefully one solution fixes all the issues you’re seeing. If possible, pictures are always helpful :slight_smile: