Transactions: Costs vs Liquidity (how to do this?)

Dear sir/madam,

I just want to know if I in Tiller can allocate a transaction (liquidity) to a certain period in time as costs? For example if I pay my rent one year up front, or my insurance etc. This is not about the budget, just to allocate my transactions to reflect the correct cost.

I do not mean break the transaction date up and spread it into the relevant months, as that would mess my liquidity up. What is therefore needed is a transaction date and on top of that the option to allocate that transaction (with said date) to a period of time to which it is concerned as cost.

Obviously this distinction should also be shown in the way costs and liquidity are shown in the dashboard.

Otherwise you are not really looking at your costs per month, but just at “cash in cash out”.

Thank you for your answer.

Never mind. I see that Tiller is not available for the EU (Netherlands). At least not with connections with banks.

Thanks for starting a conversation here. Sorry we weren’t able to support your banks at this time.

To half-answer your question, you could always add a column in the Transactions sheet for whatever other items you’d like to track alongside what our feeds can pull in, and manually populate it.