Transfer Account History to New Account

Can anyone point me to an article on how to transfer the balance and transaction history of one account to a new account?

Say you had an IRA w/ Schwab and transferred it to Fidelity. Is there an easy way to use “find and replace” to just make it look like the account was always at Fidelity? Would that be as simple as changing the Account ID column?

I’d like to keep the account history but also not have a zero balance account on the balances page forever. I’d make a note somewhere of when I actually moved the account.

Any help is appreciated!

Welcome, @clay.moyer85 :wave:

You can just modify the Account ID in balance history for the old entries to use the Account ID of the new account instance/entry and it will interpret it as the same account.

This will only change it in the one sheet and the old Account ID will persist in our database so if you create a new sheet and fill it, the old ID will fill in with those entries.


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