Transferring All Data to Tiller-templated Worksheet

Hello all,
I am having issues with basic copying and pasting. I previously used Money in Excel and recently joined the Tiller community. So far I am happy with the product, I am just having issues taking advantage of all of the features of Tiller.

When I first joined Tiller, I was able to figure out how to adjust my “Transactions” and “Categories” worksheets to the format Tiller used and then use the Tiller Data add-in to update my accounts. I understand that the guide suggests to copy all of your data over to the template, but I have a lot of added information on my previous spreadsheet that I did not want to lose nor did I understand how to effectively copy it over to the template. Now that I see the Tiller template has a “spending trends” and “balances” tabs, I want to use those.

When I copied over those tabs to my spreadsheet, the information is linked to the template workbook vice the data in my workbook. I have decided to copy all of my information to the Tiller template worksheet instead.

My workbook works as follows: I have a tab for every month that takes the data from the “Transactions” tab and parses it into separate categories (see image below). This allows me to see in real time what I am spending money on and what I have left to spend in each category for the month. The problem is that when I copy this worksheet to my Tiller template, all of the links go back to my original worksheet rather than looking for the data in the Tiller template “Transactions” worksheet. The formula to add the numbers looks like this where A1 is the beginning of the month and C1 is the end of the month:

“=(-1)*SUMIFS(Transactions!D:D,Transactions!A:A, “>=”&A1, Transactions!A:A, “<=”&C1, Transactions!C:C, “Verizon Internet”)”

I also have a yearly summary that has each month listed separately as well as my averages for the year so that I can see how I’ve been doing for the year. Again, it calls data from the individual month’s totals. When I try to copy the worksheet to my Tiller template workbook, all of the links reach back to my original workbook, not the new workbook.

So I guess my question comes down to copying worksheets with formulas between workbooks. Is there a way to copy my worksheet but have the formulas call data from the new workbook vice the old workbook? Thank you for any input you have.

Migrating from another tool is hard work. Sounds like you’ve made good headway, @sbursae.

I think your approach of migrating your historic data to a Tiller Foundation Template is the right one. The investment in having a workbook that allows you to leverage new tools and add-in features will be worth it long term.

I’m struck by how similar your custom monthly roll-up sheets are to our Monthly Budget and Yearly Budget. Is it possible that you can get the information you need from those sheets as-is? Or make minor customizations to them to get them the last bit of the way?

As for moving worksheets between workbooks, Excel does a weird thing when you copy a worksheet where it adds an external path to the original workbook to each cell reference. So even though the worksheet appears to have moved, it is linked to data in the old, separate-file workbook. Try these instructions to point your formulas to the local workbook.

Let us know how it goes.