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I have a “transfers” category and “reimbursable” category that are hidden from reports. But I want to ensure they are netting to zero…is there a separate report I can run to check these categories?

You can go to the transactions tab and sort by category, then go to each of the two categories and highlight the amounts and then see what the sum is. If they do not net out to zero, then you have all the detail there to help determine where the difference is. Blake

One way is a quick monthly pivot table. You could also use the Category Report from Tiller Labs. It sums up the line items and should show you if they’re $0 and also give you the specific details of transactions that are using these categories.

Hi @natakiwilliams,
Here’s a 3rd way (not bad = 3 different options in 1 day) which is the one I use.

You can use a formula to make sure those Categories total zero. You can put these formulas on their own page or any Dashboard page you might have.

This formula gets the total of all your “transfers” category transactions:


This formula gets the total of all your “reimbursable” category transactions:


These formulas assume your Category column is E and your Amount column is H on your Transactions sheet. Adjust the letters in the formula to make your sheet if you use different column letters.

Also, if your category is Transfers (not transfers), make sure you use a capital letter. The term in the formula should make the category name exactly.

Here’s some documentation on SUMIF():


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