Treating HELOC like a credit card

I have a home equity line of credit with my bank, but it shows up in Tiller as an Asset rather than a Liability. So let’s say $100k line, and I’ve withdrawn $25k, it shows as a $75k asset, when really it’s a $25k liability.

Any way to correct this? I couldn’t find any account level settings to treat it as a different type of account (should operate like a credit card).

I haven’t had to do this, but I see on the “Accounts” sheet, if you add your account to the list on the left, (which is usually done as a way of organizing your Balance sheet) there is a ‘Class Override’ column that allows you to select “Asset” or “Liability”. Presumably you could just change it there.

That moved it to the correct side! However the amount is still the inverse amount ($75k when it should be $25k in my example above).