Trim whitespace not working

My transactions from a Fidelity credit card are often brought in with a leading space in the Description field and maybe that’s on Fidelity, but my issue is that the Data / Data Cleanup / Trim whitespace does not work to remove the leading space. I click on a cell, use the trim feature and Google reports “No selected cells had whitespace trimmed”. I really want this to work so I can sort by the description when looking for transactions. It’s a PIA to go into every cell and manually delete the space (on like 200 cells). Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @sturobi. Welcome to the community.

Are the transactions uniform enough or is the issue appearing uniformly enough with particular vendors to create a few rules for description replacement using the AutoCat function?

Thanks for the reply. The transactions appeared across multiple vendors and seems random. I was able to download the Power Tools extension from Ablebits and get the trim white space to work within that tool, just not the native one within Google sheets. I guess that’s OK.

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