Trouble Linking Tiller to Existing Google Sheet in Personal Drive


I recently moved my Tiller-powered Google Sheet from my professional Google Drive to my personal Google Drive so that my wife and I can both access and work on it.

I am having trouble reconnecting my Tiller accounts to this existing sheet. When I try to link my accounts, the only option I see is to create a new Google Sheet. I don’t want to start over with a new sheet.

I have made a copy of the original sheet and moved it to my personal Google Drive. Disconnected the link to the original sheet from all my accounts.

When I open the new sheet and try to link it using Tiller Money Feeds , I don’t see an option to connect it to my existing accounts.

Any advice on how to properly relink my accounts to this existing sheet?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Thank you

Go to the Tiller Console, click on your linked spreadsheet and select the accounts you’d like linked to the spreadsheet.


Thanks for your reply .

Hi @nolanmaris

If you made a copy of the Google Sheet and moved it to a different drive our system sees that as a new “unlinked” spreadsheet so you would need to click “Link sheet” during that launch flow for Tiller Money Feeds to establish the connection between the spreadsheet and Tiller.

After you’ve opted to “link sheet” then you can select the accounts you’d like feeding into the spreadsheet.

So long as this is for the same Tiller user (i.e. you didn’t create a new subscription/Tiller account) you should be able to link those accounts and fill and not get duplicates. If it were for a new user account you’d get duplicates.

Let us know if that doesn’t help or answer your question.