Trouble with Brave Browser on Mac OS with Tiller

For anyone using the Brave browser on Mac OS … I’ve been using the Brave browser for the past several months because it uses less battery power than Chrome and because it works with most Chrome extensions. Up until a month ago, it worked well with Tiller.

Now is fails to load my Tiller data because it doesn’t complete “syncing offline changes.”
After failing, it returns this message, “Editing is temporarily unavailable. Check your Internet connection.”

My Internet connection is fine and other browsers work fine.

Since it works on other browsers, this isn’t an emergency. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I don’t understand why this is posted under Show & Tell :thinking:

You’re absolutely correct. It was an accident.


I moved it to the Google Sheets section.

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This issue might be related to the offline sync feature in Google Sheets. Here’s a guide that should help with turning that setting off.

Thanks, Heather.

That fixed it.

Apparently, the previous setting didn’t affect Safari and it didn’t affect the Brave browser until about a month ago.

Thanks for researching it.

Saluda, NC