Troubleshooting "No Data" message in business sheet dashboard

Hi! I’m getting this “No Data” message in the simple business dashboard in the “inflow vs outflow” and “category focus” areas. How do I fix this? Thanks so much for your help! Mike

:wave:, @sabatinomichael00,

Can you double check that you have a “Type” column in the Transactions sheet? It should be a column to the far right. If you see a header (row 1) with a #REF error in it, that is probably the Type column and the arrayformula that populates that column is probably broken because there is data written directly in a cell in that column. Just scroll down and if you see any random type (income, expense, transfer) value in that column just clear the cell. Usually the REF error will indicate what row number is breaking it.

Let me know if none of that fits what’s happening here :slight_smile:

Hi @heather

I do have a Type column to the far right.

I don’t see a #REF error in row 1.

The Type column is filled with the values “Expense” and “Income.” Should I clear out the entire “Type” column so that all cells are blank?

Thanks for your help! Mike

Hi @sabatinomichael00,

You can try restoring the dashboard using the Tiller add-on.

Open the Add-ons menu > Tiller > Business > Restore Dashboard.

If that doesn’t work, please make sure the word “Date” and the word “Category” in the header row in the Transactions sheet in the appropriate columns.


That worked! Thanks so much for the help!

You’re welcome. Can you let me know specifically whether the restore helped or you were missing one of those headers?

The restore did the trick!

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