Two separate linked workbooks?

Hello. I’ve searched and didn’t find an answer so I apologize if this info exists here.

I currently use quicken for my finances and also to manage finances for my mother (she’s elderly and I’ve taken over her day to day financial tasks).

Quicken allows me to keep two separate quicken files under just one paid subscription. I definitely do not want to commingle her accounts in my workbook.

Can I do the same thing in Tiller? How would transaction downloads work? I wouldn’t want my account transactions downloading to her Tiller workbook or vice versa.

Is this set up possible? If not, I will need to stick with Quicken as I am not inclined to pay for two subscriptions.

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In the console you can create a new spreadsheet and link it to your account. You can then choose which accounts are imported in each sheet, so for your spreadsheet, you’d uncheck your mothers accounts, and in her spreadsheet, you’d uncheck your accounts.

Thanks @jpfieber, I appreciate your reply. One question: Would I need to “check and uncheck” accounts each time I download or will Tiller remember which accounts go to each spreadsheet?

Tiller remembers which accounts go to each spreadsheet.

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Thanks, Mark S.

That is perfect. Thanks.