Two venmo accounts, both have blank account number, get merged

There are two Venmo accounts in our household. They both added successfully but both have blank account number. They also both had the same name (just Venmo I think). So I renamed them on the Tiller Console to indicate which was mine and which was my partner’s. Then when I ran Repair Balance History it wanted to merge the two accounts into one, I guess because of matching (blank) account numbers. I can just not click that choice in the Repair workflow, but better would be if I could get non-blank account numbers so it won’t try to merge them in the future. Can I put in my own made up number to solve this? If so, where do I put it so that it will propagate to other places in the Tiller set of sheets?

You always have good questions, @Wizardofaz.

The Account # isn’t very important for the way most Tiller spreadsheets are built. To identify UNIQUE accounts— in templates like Balances and Net Worth— we use the Account Id column (which may be hidden).

You are free to fill in the Account # manually, but will need to add that data every time new Venmo transactions fill.

I wouldn’t bother trying to merge them since each Venmo account will have its own Account Id which will persist with each fill.

I think my question was so buried in context that it didn’t come through.

I don’t want the two Venmo accounts to merge. What I want is for Repair Balance Sheet to NOT merge them.

I was just guessing that because they were both Venmo accounts and had matching (blank) account numbers maybe that was why RBS wanted to make them the same. It’s true they have unique account IDs. But that doesn’t seem to keep RBS from wanting to merge them.

I had a similar issue last week. My conclusion is that the Repair Balance Sheet workflow cannot handle accounts with a blank account number. I couldn’t find a way around it other than ignoring any RBS suggestions for those accounts.

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