UI Update - customize or revert to previous


I’ve recently gotten the new UI updates both in the daily email report as well as in the Google Sheet plugin. I have some concerns with both and wondering if there is a way to opt-out?

  1. For the daily email report, the old reports used to ONLY show new transactions since the previous day’s report in a neat easily digestible way. The new reports continuously show a mix of preivously shown transactions as well as new ones over a several day period, and categorized - making it more tedious to read through. Is there a configuration for this or settings I can change, or can I revert to the old-style reports?

  2. For the Fill transactions on the Google Sheets plugin, when its complete it only shows a single roll-up for “things done” and in order to understand which of that number are balance fills vs. new transactions, you need to hover over the number results. Is there a way to revert this or show a separated roll-up grouping of balance update numbers vs transaction counts?


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Hi @briansodano

  1. Sorry about that this is a known issue and the team continues to work on a fix
  2. We have heard this feedback from our other users and our product team is considering the best way to move forward
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