UK / EU Banks update?

Any news or timeline on UK / EU bank support?

It looks like it has been a few years without any news so presumably you have no concrete plans to add support?

It’s still true that at this time we are unable to support UK and EU banks, due to the open banking regulations that went into effect in Sept 2019.

We’re exploring options for how support for EU institutions may be possible for us as a small (but growing!) US-based company.

Unfortunately, we don’t yet have an ETA on when we may be able to resume support for those banks,

@warren Thanks for the response.

It would be useful if you could provide some more info on the difficulty in supporting this? I understand that security and regulatory compliance are critical and take time.

If UK/EU is simply not a priority that would be good to know.

The lack of support is curious because:

  1. Your data provider - Yodlee - already supports Europe Open Banking:
  2. You were actually the first to use their service to support Open Banking in the US:
    Tiller Money Leads Industry with New Support for Open Banking

Note I found another service that provides spreadsheet access for UK / EU banks.

(It is a side project for a UK based Stripe developer.)