Unable to Update Saving Column in Savings Budget


When using the savings prototype, I select the savings from the drop down in the adjustment column. The cells turn white and when I enter adjustments, they get cleared out and the module tells me there were no adjustments to be made.

How do I move from rollover adjustment to savings column?

You should be able to use the dropdown at the top of the page. @randy any suggestions.

Any update? I’m using version 0.60.

The green cells in the Adjust column tell you which categories can be updated. For a Savings Category to be green, you need to select “Savings” in the Track column in the Categories sheet. (This previously was a checkbox and a column called Track Savings in version 0.50.)

Is it possible your Categories sheet didn’t get the new Track column when you installed version 0.60, @jason91487? (If you have both columns, you can delete the Track Savings column.)

It sounds like most of the rest of it is setup properly.

Let me know re: :point_up: and we’ll figure this out in the morning.

Thanks. Deleting the Track Savings solved my problem.

Super. Glad you got it working!
Let me know what you think once you’ve played with it for a bit.