"Uncategorized" expenses in the Excel Tracker Period Summary

Using the Excel tracker, I’ve created categories in the Categories sheet, then imported data and categorized it all in the Transactions sheet. Nevertheless, when I create a date range in the Tracker sheet there are expenses identified as “uncategorized” in the Period Summary. All expense items have been categorized, so I’m baffled by this. What’s the best way for a newbie to figure out where the discrepancy is coming from?


:wave:, @bocajpj!

It sounds like there could be a bug in the sheet. I’ll see if we can reproduce.


I assumed my own ineptitude. Thanks, and let me know if I can help.


I am not able to reproduce this. Can you double check the date range you’ve selected and the Transactions sheet that you’ve 100% categorized all Transactions for that date range? Make sure there aren’t any filters turned on in the Transactions sheet that might be hiding transactions you need to categorize in that date range.

If that doesn’t help, please reach out to support@tillerhq.com and let us know so we can take a closer look as this is our “Foundation” for Excel so we want it to be solid for folks.


Thanks Heather. I’m away for the week so will work on it this coming weekend and let you know what I find then. I appreciate your time and help!