Undo Amazon line item importer

Hi, I’d like to undo the import. How do I do that? Should I just delete the metadata column and the transactions that have [Amazon Item] in them?

If you haven’t made additional changes to your spreadsheet, you could use Google’s restore version functionality. If you have imported or categorized since the import then, yes, just filter on rows with content in the Metadata column, delete those rows, then delete the Metadata column.

Sorry it didn’t work out for you. Would you be willing to share what you were hoping for or were unsatisfied with in the way the Amazon add-on works?

Good luck,

Thanks Randy, that helps. There was nothing wrong with the add-on, just me :wink: I’m new to Tiller in general and am just figuring out how everything works. I’ll give the plug-in another go once I have my bearings about me.

Thanks for the feedback. Don’t hesitate to send a note if you get stuck or have a question.