Unexpected Site Error

I recently had an error with an institution and had to change my password. I edited my credentials on Tiller to update this change - but since the, I am no longer able to link to this account. What is the “cleanest” way to relink an account that is “broken.”

I get the following error message:

Unexpected Site Error
Uh oh. It looks like we’re having issues connecting to this site for some reason. Unfortunately, we don’t know when this will be resolved. Please come back later to try again.

This has been the case for a while now…

I suspect something is corrupted and Tiller keeps reading the same error message. I am afraid of removing the account and adding the institution back in - and ending up with duplicates, etc. Any suggestions on a “clean reinstall” of an account? This is happening with a linked Goldman.com account - for reference…

This sounds like a feeds issue. I would contact support so they can work the issue. At this point I would not remove the account because I do not think that will fix the problem and may make it more different to fix.

Thanks Blake. I agree with not removing or re-adding. I’ve tried that move before and ended up with duplicates. I have no idea how Yodlee works - but is it correct to say that they have a process for scouring their log files for errors and manually “fixing” all these errors over the course of a week? Is that why they always say - wait and see if it resolves itself?

I think it is appropriate to contact support. If this is the issue, there is a process that goes on behind the scenes to fix it.

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