Unresolvable error message - how to "Cancel" instead of "Allow access"

I’m getting the following error message:

“Warning: Some formulas are trying to send and receive data from external parties.”
“You must allow access to fetch data from external URLs for all IMPORTHTML(), IMPORTXML(), IMPORTFEED(), IMPORTDATA(), IMAGE() functions in this spreadsheet.”

The only options to click on are “Learn more” and “Allow access”. What I read under “Learn more” is frankly above my pay grade; I don’t understand what that’s all about. I didn’t try to change any formulas and don’t know how this happened.

Problem is, there is weirdly no (obvious) way to “Cancel” instead of “Allow access” - which I don’t want to do because I never intended whatever the sheet is trying to do in the first place. How do I make this go away? TIA!

Hi @susantillermoney - You might find the other post below to be useful, as I am guessing it might be related to the Tiller logo in some spreadsheets. There are some suggestions there about how to handle it in that case.

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Thanks for that, Kyle. According to that post it looks like I can just “Allow access” and it will be ok… I was just hesitant to do that without knowing what I was allowing access to or to whom! But I’ve done that now and all appears to be fine. :slight_smile:

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