Update single cell on a daily basis

Hey y’all!

I am trying to get a single cell to update on a daily basis. In that cell, I want my Ally Bank checking account balance. In another cell, my Ally savings account balance. In another, my Citi Costco card. You get the idea. I have tried the new Money Feed but that just updates under the “Balance History” tab new balances every time I update. Is there a way to have the same cell update on a daily basis?

I asked Tiller directly but was told to ask my question in the forums (she didn’t know…? Or didn’t want to answer…? Couldn’t tell)

Any thoughts? Has anyone tried this?



I think I have it figured out for you. I tested it in my Tiller sheet so it should work. Attached is what my balance history tab looks like for two of my credits cards. The other attachment is what you are trying to accomplish. At the very bottom of this post is what you can use to copy/paste into your tab.

I learned how to do this the other day when I asked a similar question and I am happy to pay it forward. A big thank you to Kathryn!

Here is that prior discussion thread.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Cell B2 =

Cell B4 =
=IFNA(INDEX(‘Balance History’!$H:$H,MATCH($A$4&DATEVALUE(E$2)&"*",‘Balance History’!$E:$E&‘Balance History’!$C:$C,0)),"")

Cell B5 =
=IFNA(INDEX(‘Balance History’!$H:$H,MATCH($A$5&DATEVALUE(E$2)&"*",‘Balance History’!$E:$E&‘Balance History’!$C:$C,0)),"")


I’m happy to help, glad it’s working!

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Hi @Blake,
I like your solution to get the latest balance of an account. It certainly works.

Let me suggest an alternate way you might not know about.

The new Tiller Money Feeds contains an “Accounts” tab. It might be hidden, but if you click on the hamburger (4 lines icon) to the left of the sheet names on the bottom of the screen, you can access it.

You can use the VLOOKUP function to find the last balance of any account. These the formula:

=VLOOKUP("exact name of account here",Accounts!H:J,3)

In this example, use the exact name of the account listed in Column H.

If you wanted to lookup by the Account #, the formula would be:
=VLOOKUP("account id here",Accounts!I:J,2)

Read more about VLOOKUP here:



That vlookup is slick. I am on the feedbot and it’s Accounts tab is different. I tried to replicate the vlookup there but it does not appear to work. It will not work there, right?

This weekend I created a Foundations sheet to get used to it as I understand that feedbot people will eventually migrate over.



Yes, VLOOKUP very slick!

On the Feedbot, it think it depends which template your started with. Some may have an Accounts sheet. The raw data one that’s I’m mostly using does not have an Accounts sheet.

But all the Feedbot versions have a Balance History. You can also pull the latest balance in an account from there.

The VLOOKUP formula uses this format:
=VLOOKUP ( search_key , range, index, [is_sorted] )

To use this in the Balance History sheet, find a column in that sheet that uniquely identifies the account you want. It could be the Account # or Account Name. That unique information becomes the search_key. Let’s use the name My Checking Account for this example.

For the range, use the Column of that search_key and the Column of the Balances.
If searching with the Account Name and the Account Name is in C and the Balance in F, then the range is C:F.

The index is the number of columns (from C:F) where you want to look for the result. In this case, it would be 4 (C=1, D=2, E=3, F=4).

Finally, set the is_sorted value to FALSE. Then the first value will be used. Since the Balance History gets sorted by date, the top value will be the latest value.

So the VLOOKUP part would be:
=VLOOKUP("My Checking Account",'Balance History'!C:F,4,FALSE)

Give it a try with your columns.

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I did exactly what you said and it would not work. I copied your formula and updated it for my columns.

Then I started thinking. I started looking at your post again. Then I saw one place that had a “=” in front of VLOOKUP and one place that did not. I put in the “=” and it worked.

Reminds me of one of my favorites quotes - “The devil is in the details.”

I really appreciate all your help on this!



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Great. Let me update those formulas with = signs. :slight_smile:

I got VLOOKUP to work for me! Much appreciated! Very cool. Thank you all for the help!

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:wave:, @aaronfrydo!

We also have a Balances sheet that will give you the daily balance of your specific accounts. If you’re using the Tiller Foundation template it’s already there or if you can add it into existing sheets using the Tiller Labs add-on.