Update Transactions from Cell Phone

I can easily use Tiller on my laptop, but am having difficulties with my cell phone. Specifically, I can’t update my transactions while on my phone. While on my laptop, this is the sequence I use:

Extensions → Tiller Money Feeds → Launch → Fill

But I can’t find any of those on my phone. What should I do?

The mobile version of Google Sheets doesn’t have extensions. You can do this if you can figure out how to make your phone browser load the desktop site instead of the mobile site.

My phone’s browser doesn’t want to open Google sheets, it stays on the information page. “Sign in” redirects to the information page and “Sheets” redirects to the information page. Any ideas for using sheets on a mobile phone browser?

Honestly, I’ve never known anybody to have a good experience with Google Sheets on mobile doing just about anything. At least on an iPhone, it always wants to redirect you to the app, which doesn’t support add-ons either. There was a thread here recently on how to build a quasi mobile app version of Tiller. That might be your best bet if you really need mobile.