Updated Failed - Column H Data Validation

Hi Everyone,

I have have been using Tiller for a few months. Yesterday I put some work into it, I’ve been trying to edit my expenses and income, but for some reason the following error is now appearing when I try to click the “Fill” button using the sidebar:

" Failed to update Transactions with Error: “Error: Broken data validation references in column H must be repaired before updating your data feeds.

Review this troubleshooting guide to fix the error and then click Continue and try updating your sheet again."

Have anyone faced this? I’ve tried to look into Column H of every sheet that I have and cannot find the problem or the solution .

Thanks in advance

You may have a misnamed column in one of your sheets. Here is a link to the names of columns for the basic Tiller sheets:

Hope this helps you find the correct Column H.

In the “Transactions” sheet, Column H is “Linked Transfers”. This might be the cause of the issue, as when I try to choose one of the cells in this column, the dropdown menu only read “Loading…” and nothing really loads. Any Idea how to fix this?

Click on a cell in column H, go to the Data menu and choose ‘Data Validation’. From the window that appears on the right, click the rule for column H. The Criteria range should be ='Linked Transfers'!$O$2:$O. Of course this assumes you still have the Linked Transfers sheet, and that you didn’t rename it.

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Oh wow, I actually don’t have that sheet. How can I restore it?

*Resolved: I used the tiller community add-on to download the Linked Transfer sheet. Thanks for the help!


FYI … My message was: "Error: Broken data validation references in column G must be repaired… " The Column G was titled STATEMENTS in the TRANSACTION sheet. Began using @Jpfieber 's Account Reconciliation sheet, so I deleted the Statements Sheet. This was my first update since that happened, so the link to TillerHQ above helped resolve this quickly (ie., explaining how that Column gets added when you add that solution).
Simply deleted the Statements column G and Update refreshed.

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