Updating/Upgrading Tiller based templates

Hi everyone,

This is probably a newbie question and the answer may exist somewhere but I can’t seem to easily locate it. The basic question is… How do you effectively “update” Tiller templates to the latest version of the template?

For instance, i’m on an old version of the Tiller starter template using the Feedbot and I want to upgrade to using the new Foundations Template. Since my template is “essentially” a copy, looks like “migration” is mainly creating a new template and manually migrating data from old to new. I don’t mind doing this for the Foundation template since there appears to be many changes.

So once I’m on the new Foundational Template by making a copy of the current version, what is the most effective way to stayed “updated” if Tiller makes more improvements to the Foundational template? I personally don’t have time to customize my sheet so I would prefer to get updates or use sheets that other folks publish.

The challenge here is that the whole Tiller model is to copy a sheet and it’s yours. Sheets aren’t really applications or hosted software so it’s unclear how “new features” can be added to your personal sheet. Is it really mindfully copying and deleting sheets or editing the underlying formulas?


Hi Mark,

One of the benefits of the Foundation Template is that it is easy to add additional templates to your core Foundation template. You can use the Tiller Labs add-on to access and try out new compatible solutions. As updates are made to these various solutions, you can manually refresh your template to make sure your spreadsheet has the latest functionality. Likewise, as you experiment in your template and make changes, you can always restore your template to the default settings.

The link below has some additional information on Tiller Labs.

I had the same problem and I just created a new sheet using the newer template and copied over the categories, custom formulas, etc.