Upgrading the Savings Budget Sheet Version Safely

Hi folks. I happen to notice that my saving budget sheet wasn’t the latest version (I had 71 and we are up to 75). When I said upgrade, I got a scary notice:
Archive Existing Sheet Before Upgrading?
The upgrade process will replace your existing Savings Budget sheet.
If you chose not to archive the existing sheet, you will lose all changes you have made.
Am I correct in assuming that this is just a reference to any changes I might have made to this sheet itself (such as formulas or adding new capabilities); and not a reference to losing any data? Also even assuming I am correct, what does “archive” mean in this context? Thanks.

I think archive just means that it will rename the old sheet to something different so it doesn’t go away, then create a new fresh sheet using the original sheet name. The data loss would be any changes you made to that actual sheet, not to all your transactions.

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Thank you jpfieber. For anyone watching the thread, that’s exactly what happened – when I selected archive in the warning message, it copied the “Savings Budget” sheet to an “Archived Savings Budget” sheet before creating the replacement for the original.